Welcome to War Penguin Studios development website. Currently we are developing WARLAND, an action combat last man standing (battle royale) that challenges the player from combat skills to planning and strategy.


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WARLAND Key Points
  • Fully customisable abilities
  • Battle royale, last man standing
  • Fast paced action combat
  • Play as solo or part of a team
  • Play with up to 100 players

I have been working on WARLAND for a few months now. I will be updating the development blog as much as possible to keep you up to date on progress. As I am working solo on this project, I have to balance development and publicising the development. But, I will be as transparent as possible and willing to take any advice/feedback on board to better the game. I hope you all enjoy the journey of this game development and bring it to life!

Why early access?

I have decided there will be a kickstarter campaign prior to early access and if successful, I can bring out the early access for the game. I am aware of numerous “bad press” surrounding early access, but I find it is key to help development. Not only will it help funding the project and bring in extra help. It also means I will be receiving constant feedback on the game state to iron out bugs and even add new features that are voted in!

Currently I am not taking on extra help to work on this project. However, in the future this  will most likely change to ensure the game is completed at a high standard.

If you have any assets you wish to donate, please feel to drop me an email at contact@warpenguinstudios.com If I use them in the game, I will give you a mention of thanks!

Coming soon

I will be requesting testers over the next few months, who will be vital for game development, if you are interested please sign up and get in touch! Once adequate testing has been done, I can bring out early access for public to buy a fraction of the completed game price.

Please show your support by following on social media I use Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. If you have any questions about War Penguin Studios or the game in development, WARLAND. Please do not hesitate to contact myself and I will get in touch as soon as possible using the contact form http://warpenguinstudios.com/contact