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Welcome to War Penguin Studios development website. Currently working on Mortem: Fallen Kingdom an open world action RPG set in a fantasy medieval era. Adventure on a quest to take back a kingdom that has been over-run by magic and monsters.

Explore this dangerous world, delve into dungeons, defeat world bosses and defeat the High lord

The Lore

Set in a medieval fantasy world, the power of magic was incredible across the lands. Wielders of such power became too hungry for more and the magic they wielded turned them into dark magic craving creatures who will hunt down any wielders to absorb their power.

From this day the use of magic was forbidden and the central source was shattered into pieces and spread around the kingdom.

A once loyal High lord, launched a rebellion using shards of magic he located and is attempting to rebuild the ancient power back to it’s full strength.

You must explore the land to find these sources and wield it against the high lord’s army.

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I have been working on Mortem in my spare time for a while now. As I am currently working solo on this project, I have to balance development and publicising the development. But, I will be as transparent as possible and willing to take any advice/feedback on board to better the game. I generally keep Twitter and Discord up to date with development progress. I hope you all enjoy the journey of this game development and the dream of bringing it to life!

Early Access?

I am aware of the bad press surrounding crowd funded games and deserting projects along with money raised. I believe there are more success stories from crowd funding than the small percentage of deserted, which hit social media for everyone to see. The funding can help build bigger teams and implement better gameplay. My personal pipeline will be to release parts of the project for testing purposes. Then release pre-alpha/alpha versions of the game for a small price and option of donations. Crowd-funding will be considered if it is essential to do so and if I feel this approach is more beneficial than early access.

If you would like to be involved in pre-alpha testing, contact me using this link –¬† Contact

Coming soon

If you are interested in being a tester for the game, please contact me and get in touch! You can join my Discord here https://discord.gg/Q9d2KBt to gain tester access

Please show your support by following on social media I use Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, links at the bottom of the page. If you have any questions about War Penguin Studios or the game in development, Mortem. Please do not hesitate to contact myself and I will get in touch as soon as possible using the contact form or through my Discord https://warpenguinstudios.com/contact 

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